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Anti-Ageing / Skin Rejuvenation Package is available in Bronze, Silver and Gold packages offer a combination of solutions for all skin types starting from only £250!

Zo Skin Health - Skin Normailising Kit
 6 Glycolic Peels
 ZO Daily Skincare (Phase 1)
 6 Glycolic Peels
 6 Dermalux sessions
 ZO Daily Skincare (Phase 2)
 6 Glycolic Chemical Peels
 3 IPL Skin Rejuvenation sessions
 6 Dermalux LED sessions
 ZO Daily Skincare(Phase 3) & ZO Daily SPF
Why not use our Pay Later Option Plans. 60 second application and in most cases an instant decision! Lending based on your affordability not just your credit history. There’s no need to wait to have your treatment course!
Zo Skin Health - Daily Sheer Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50

Together with ZO Complexion Clearing programme and Acne Control the benefits are…

  • Protects against UVA, UVB Provides additional protection against high energy visible (HEV) light and infrared (IR-A) rays
  • Non-greasy formula with a sheer, matte finish
  • Water and perspiration resistant (80 minutes of exposure)
  • Ideal for improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation either when hydroquinone treatment is completed or contraindicated, or as maintenance
  • Ideal for non-specific visible discoloration (freckles, liver spots or uneven tone)
  • For use when skin brightening is desired
  • This program also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles