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A range of 3D Lipo Inch weightloss packages are available from 3D Liposuction Freeze, 3D Cavitation, Radio Frequency and Shockwave Body


3D Liposuction Freeze (Cryolipolisis)

1 Area – £129

2 Areas – £199

3 Areas – £279

4 Areas – £349

3D Cavitation (Inch Loss) & Shockwave

1 Session – £120

Course of 8 – £449

3D Cavitation (Inch loss) & Radio Frequency(Skin Tightening)

1 Session – £120

Course of 8 – £649

Radio Frequency(Skin Tightening) & Shockwave Body

1 Session – £120

Course of 8 – £449

Radio frequency Face (Skin Tightening Facial)

1 Session – £99

Course of 6 – £499

3D Stretch marks/ Cellulite Shockwave Per Area

1 Session – £100

Course of 8 – £600
(45-minute treatment 2x per week)

Zo Skin Health - Cellulite Control

Together with ZO Skin Health Cellulite Control to give your new shape the following benefits…

  • Smooths skin and helps diminish “orange peel” appearance
  • Provides a slimming and toning effect
  • Restores hydration

PPC Active Cream

The 3D-Professional Solutions PPC Active Cream contains Capsicum (chilli extract) and when applied to the skin, will increase the temperature of the fat cells beneath by 1-2 degrees. This causes a ‘melting’ reaction within the fat cell and a cell stimulating effect in the area. This response helps to accelerate results of body treatments, smooth cellulite and enhance skin tone.

The heat sensation will be generated within 5-10 minutes of application and lasts for approximately 30 minutes within the skin.

Where Can the Cream Be Used?

The PPC Active Cream is for topical use only and can be applied daily at home during an 8-week cellulite course and can also be used by itself. This cream can be applied 24 hours following a fat freeze. The only places the PPC Active Cream should not be applied is on the face, neck décolleté and groin areas.