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For a more targeted, natural look

When you’ve tried every powder, gel and pencil on the shelf and your eyebrows still look practically invisible, machine microblading could be the solution for you. Unlike the blocky finish that comes with traditional eyebrow tattooing, this technique allows for a more targeted, natural look that our customers simply adore. Here’s what you need to know about this cutting-edge treatment.

What is Micro Blading?

Also known as feather stroking or 3D hair stroke technique, machine microblading lets your technician design each individual hair stroke themselves, to suit your face shape and desired look. Where you have your original hairs, they can apply less cover, but where they are becoming sparse and thin, they can add volume, definition and a face-framing shape.

A hand-held tool or machine device is used with specially designed super-fine needles. The micro hair strokes are created by injecting the pigment into the top layer of skin with meticulous precision.

Best Results


Treatment Time

Up to 2 hours

Recovery Time

24-72 hours






Based on consultation


No doubt you’ll have many questions in mind before embarking on any type of permanent makeup treatment. Here are just some of the most frequently asked questions, which will help you get to know this treatment a little better:

Does it hurt?

The honest answer is, ‘a little’. Some people feel it more than others, but it’s nowhere near as painful as a traditional tattoo.

How long does it take?

You will need more than one appointment for a complete treatment, and each should last around two hours.

How long is the healing period?

The skin may be slightly red, and the colour will not be true immediately after treatment. It takes around a week for brows to heal, and about one month before the colour is fully settled in.

How long do results last?

Depending on your skin and lifestyle, results can last for up to three years. Usually our clients come back every 6-12 months for a touch up.

Are there any people it’s not suitable for?

People who have heart conditions, diabetes, certain allergies or have had particular treatments in the preceding weeks may not be suited for this procedure. Talk to your therapist for more information.