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Gone are the days of the frozen or the surprised look and the recent trend has definitely moved towards the more natural look. That’s why now people are more frequently coming into our clinic asking for “baby anti-wrinkle treatment”

So what is “baby” anti-wrinkle treatment exactly? First coined in the US, movie directors complained that too many of their actresses were “frozen” and unable to act. Many of these actresses started Botulinum Toxin treatments with a lower dose which work by softening the lines but allowing some movement. This creates a more natural appearance that wears off more quickly in time for their next part on the big screen.

The baby anti-wrinkle treatments involve small doses of Botulinum Toxin which are injected into the usual areas. The results are still very similar to when normal doses are given, but more movement is present and it wears off quicker. The patient may have to return for the next treatment after 2 months but over time, even with baby anti-wrinkle, the results will last a lot longer.

Baby anti-wrinkle basically gives our patients the choice. If they want the normal dose treatment, we will a unique technique to achieve effective, long-lasting, natural results without the frozen look. Baby anti-wrinkle, however, can be used for those patients who want to be even more minimal and more natural, or those who just don’t want it to last too long

We like to treat conservatively here at Marsh Medical Skin Clinic, it is always easier to add more if you decide you want more later. We never want someone to look as if they have had obvious treatment. The purpose of baby anti-wrinkle treatment is to achieve a fresher, revitalised look.

Helpful information

Things to avoid the week leading up to your treatment include:

  • Aspirin
  • Alcohol
  • ibuprofen Motrin,
  • Aleve
  • Fish oil supplements
  • Omega 3s.

These all thin your blood, which makes bruising more likely. If you are particularly prone to bruising, Arnica might provide all-natural help. So we recommend patients if they are prone to take them for a few days before and after their treatment. You can obtain them from most health food shops.

We advise against any rigorous exercise immediately after your treatment and for the rest of that day following your procedure.

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