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The non-surgical face lift that transforms and rejuvenates

The 8-point face lift is also sometimes referred to as a non-surgical face lift, as it can produce a similarly transformative lifting and rejuvenating result, but without the cost, downtime or risks involved with surgery.
One of the most common signs of facial ageing is caused by loss of volume, particularly around the jowl and cheek areas. This volume loss often leads to skin sagging, which expedites the development of the nasolabial fold (nasolabial lines are the lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth), and also the marionette lines (which are the lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin). Historically, patients would undergo surgical facelifts, but with the advancement and new techniques developed with Dermal Fillers and Botox, this impressive treatment is commonly regarded as the best non-surgical facelift.

A hugely popular treatment, the 8 Point Facelift (commonly known as the Non Surgical Facelift or Liquid Facelift), is a fantastic alternative to surgery. It can dramatically improve the appearance of premature ageing on the face, particularly around the cheek and eye areas, where the skin can droop and look hollow.

At Marsh Medical Skin Clinic, we combine both Dermal Fillers and Botox Anti Wrinkle Injections to gently lift and re-contour the face, reducing nose-mouth lines, marionette lines, the appearance of jowls, dark shadows and hollow cheeks.

8 Points in a Non-Surgical Face Lift

Many people wonder just what the 8 points of an 8-point face lift are. These are precise injecting sites which help to form the overall facial structure:

The 8-point facelift is particularly effective and natural-looking as it focuses on overall rejuvenation of the whole face, rather than trouble-shooting one or two specific troublespots.

  • 1&2: Cheek bone/structure: Enhancing the cheek bones often helps to lift the nasolabial folds and adds to the overall impact
  • 3: Tear troughs: Rejuvenating tired hollows under the eyes leads to a more awake, alert and youthful look
  • 4: Nasolabial fold: Smoothing out the lines which appera in the nose to mouth area improves the youthful appearance
  • 5: Mouth corners: Lift the mouth area can improve a person’s appearance, smoothing away any ageing angry or sad look
  • 6. Prejowl area: The 8 Point Lift can help to reduce or improve jowls caused by loss of volume in the jaw, cheek and chin area
  • 7. Jawline: A subtle lift to the jawline can create a more youthful ‘V’ instead of an ageing ‘U’ shaped chin and jaw area
  • 8. Lower cheeks: Hollow cheeks are ageing and gaunt, but also impact on the rest of the face too. Smoother, plumper cheeks lift the whole face

At Marsh Medical Skin Clinic our doctors only use advanced and long-lasting Juvederm® hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, which contain an anaesthetic so the procedure is virtually painless.

Best Results

1-2 days

Treatment Time


Recovery Time

24 hours






Based on consultation

Is it Painful?

No, Numbing cream is used during the treatment, which minimises pain. You may feel a little uncomfortable during the treatment, but this discomfort is usually very brief.

What's the recovery time and aftercare advice?

Thanks to the simplicity of the 8 point non invasive facelift, you may not need to take any time at all to recover. Any swelling should subside within 24 to 48 hours, and during that time we recommend you avoid strenuous exercise as well as swimming pools, spas, and saunas. We also suggest you take four hours after the surgery to give yourself time to relax.

So it’s best just to take it easy for a short while after the treatment, but if you do need to be out and about keep your exercise to a minimum. You can also apply concealer immediately after the procedure, so you won’t even need to go without makeup!

It’s also worthwhile booking your non surgical face lift a few weeks before any special events, just in case you have any bruising. The same also goes for long flights, as the atmosphere in planes can cause further swelling and increase the chance of infection.

How long will the results last?

The rejuvenating results of your non surgical facelift can last for up to 12 to 15 months, but for a great look year-round, we usually recommend repeat treatments every 6-9 months.

Touch up treatments can help you achieve and maintain your desired look, making sure you feel constantly confident and beautiful.

What are the possible side affects of our Non Surgical Facelift?

Before you go ahead with any treatment, surgical or otherwise, you’ll want to know if there are any possible side effects.

You’ll be pleased to hear that there are no serious side effects of the 8 point lift. The only thing to bear in mind is that sometimes minimal temporary side effects can occur, but these can easily be treated.

We use the highest quality Juvaderm filler which is recognised not just in the UK, but all over the world, as an advanced and safe filler. But still, everyone is different and in some cases, temporary skin reactions can occur, including redness, itching, bruising, and swelling.

It’s unlikely that you’ll experience any of these side effects, but it’s important to be aware of them just in case. And the good news is, even if you do experience one or even more of these side effects, they don’t normally last very long, and can be easily treated.

Infections can also occur, but we follow strict hygiene guidelines which are designed to prevent infection, so as long as you stick to the aftercare tips from your doctor, it’s incredibly unlikely that your non surgical face lift will cause an infection. Steer clear of exercise, swimming, saunas, and spas, and don’t go jet-setting too soon after your treatment.